Hannah helped us unlock customer insights we hadn't considered before. It was the missing glue in our messaging strategy.
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We offer a range of therapy options tailored to individual needs, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based therapy, and couples counseling. Our focus is on providing modern, effective treatment modalities suitable for issues like anxiety, depression, relationship challenges, and more.

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The companies that benefit most from working with me sit somewhere on the data spectrum.

No Data:

Ie. You need to validate or refresh your understanding of new or evolving markets.

Quant Data:

Ie. You have plenty of industry experience and instincts about buyers but no customer validation.

Biased Data:

Ie. You can spot where conversions are leaking but have little to no clarity on Why.

Siloed Data:

Ie. You have lots of scattered data points but no centralized customer truth for teams to align around.