Deep customer insights to help you fast-track your marketing and sales

Your marketing should be driving continuous conversions

If it's not, chances are you need a deeper understanding of your ideal customer. That's how I:

Lifted website impressions by 64% for a B2B construction SaaS
Deepened PMF & increased conversions by 33% for a B2C  app
Reduced drop-off rates by 15% for a DTC mattress brand
Hannah helped unlock insights we hadn’t considered. It was the missing glue in our messaging strategy.
Christian M
General Manager at DreamCloud
With Hannah's research we rallied the org behind exactly where to focus and invest for 2024.
James D
CEO at Sensat
Hannah helped us deeply understand our users. This is how we increased trial to paid conversions.
Aaron W
Ex-Product Marketing manager at Doodle
Marketing that converts runs on high-quality customer insight
Quant data alone = Incomplete understanding
Biased surveys or poor sampling = Unreliable data
Leading or surface-level interviews = Skewed data
Bad data leads you to blindly make wrong decisions.

You don't need a research team to get quality customer insight

Dedicated researcher

You can stay 100% focused on core work while I run the research & feed you key insights.

Objective customer truth

You'll get a centralized, 360° customer view for teams to reference and align around.

Get insights on-demand

Research training, sprints or deeper dives - projects flex to your needs and timelines.

Fast onboarding

I need minimal product onboarding and knowledge so I can stay unbiased & objective.

What crucial customer insights are you missing?
I'll help you close the gap.
Pain points
So you can frame your solution as the antidote
Search triggers
So you can meet your buyers where they are
Buying drivers
So you can motivate more customers to buy
Desired outcomes
So you can play them up in ads and headlines
Buying friction
So you can address them in landing pages
Customer value
So you can align with what they care about
Customer journey
So you can tailor messaging to each stage
Competitor set
So you can position against them
Hannah gave us insight to make smarter decisions. So we're not just throwing resources into a best guess.
Gary C
Head of international at HubSpot
Hannah helped us get crystal clear on our target market and how to position ourselves as a leader.
Sam G
Ex-Director of Marketing at Pelago
Hannah gave us the insight we needed to reach consensus to play with bigger and bolder positioning.
Sophie C
CMO of Mosaic Smart Data